I’m not your stereotypical housewife.

There’s still a large misconception that the role of the modern housewife is the same as it was in previous centuries. For example, my husband asks me to iron shirts for him like I know where the iron is, I know how to iron correctly, and I care to iron, which I don’t. Because in my house the iron has…

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What my kids hear.

These Aren't My Kids

If Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then kids must be from a completely different solar system. I often wonder if mine and I are speaking the same language. We’re not, but when I have forty-five seconds to myself I like to waste it by pondering about things I can’t do anything about. The translations between my…

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House secrets are like ghosts.

House secrets are like ghosts. You can’t know a house is haunted until you’ve spent time there. The secrets gradually surface—little noises here, little flickers there. You dismiss things until you’re reading in bed one night and hear a crash another room. Except it’s not a poltergeist, it’s one of the kitchen cabinet doors that broke free from an unsupportive…

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